Welcome to Papillote Press

Papillote Press is a small, independent publishing house specialising in books about Dominica and the wider Caribbean. We publish a range of books, both fiction and non-fiction. We hope that these books reflect the culture and literary heritage of these islands and make them known to a wider audience.

We are happy to consider manuscripts or ideas and would be delighted to work with anyone to develop a book. We like to like what we publish and take pride in editing, design and production.

Papillote Press was launched by Polly Pattullo, a former British journalist who lives in Dominica and London, and Anne Jno Baptiste, the co-owner of Papillote Wilderness Retreat, Dominica’s well-known eco-lodge and botanical gardens. ‘It began after we co-wrote The Gardens of Dominica, in 1998. We reckoned we could publish it ourselves: and so we did. The Gardens of Dominica is now sadly out of print. But Papillote Press started then and there.’

Publisher Polly Pattullo has written widely about the Caribbean, and her books include Last Resorts: the Cost of Tourism in the Caribbean, a critical assessment of the economic, environmental and cultural impacts of tourism development in the region, and Fire from the Mountain, about the volcano crisis in Montserrat. 

Papillote People’s Press was formed in 2013 under the umbrella of Papillote Press. It is a book production company that works provides a service to authors and works with them on their manuscripts up to publication. See People’s Press on this website for further details or contact info@papillotepress.co.uk.