Philip Nanton

Philip Nanton was born in St Vincent & the Grenadines and lived for many years in England before moving to Barbados in 2000. He has presented programmes for BBC radio and his work has appeared in regional journals and literary magazines. He compiled and edited Remembering the Sea: An Introduction to Frank A. Collymore. His Island Voices from St Christopher & the Barracudas began life as a spoken word CD performed by Philip. He has performed extracts from Island Voices and Canouan Suite and Other Pieces in the UK, the US and in the Caribbean region. Canouan Suite received one of two honourable mentions in La Casa de las Américas Literary Award for Anglophone Caribbean Literature. His sociological book about St Vincent, Frontiers of the Caribbean, was published in 2017. Riff: the Shake Keane Story is his first biography.

Philip Nanton, Papillote Press